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Group Financial Highlights


  1. Earnings per share are calculated by reference to the weighted average number of shares in issue during the year.
  2. In the calculation of return on shareholders' equity, the weighted average basis has been used.
  3. Dividend cover for 2010 is 2.5 times if the special dividend is included.
  4. In the calculation of interest cover, fair value gain/(loss) on investment properties/impairment is excluded. Interest includes net interest expense taken to the profit and loss account and interest capitalised under investment properties and properties held for sale.
  5. In the calculation of the net debt-equity ratio, net debt includes borrowings net of cash and equity includes non-controlling interests in subsidiary companies.
  6. Wages and salaries include amounts capitalised under properties held for sale. In the calculation of pre-tax profit per employee, the share of results of associated companies and fair value gain/(loss) on investment properties/impairment are excluded.
  7. n.m. - not meaningful