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Keppel Land recognises that health and safety (H&S) is an integral part of its business operations. Great emphasis has been placed on cultivating an instinctive culture where employees take pride in promoting a safe working environment.

In striving for a zero-incident workplace, a Workplace Safety and Health Unit was established in February 2011, headed by a Director of Safety and Health. The unit is responsible for implementing and overseeing policies to raise safety standards in Keppel Land's operations.

Championing a top-down approach, a safety policy signed off by the Group CEO is shared among all employees and guidelines on H&S matters are made readily accessible on the Company's intranet. New staff will undergo a safety initiation programme as part of the orientation where they are introduced to the Company's H&S guidelines.

Committed to quality H&S standards, safety takes first priority on the agenda for the Board of Directors' meetings every quarter. It has also been incorporated as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for staff appraisal, further reinforcing employees' commitment to uphold high safety standards, which is one of the eight core values of the Keppel Group.

Comprising of four independent directors, the Board Safety Committee (BSC) ensures compliance with the Company's H&S policy and monitors its effectiveness in assimilating the safety culture among employees. Assessing the safety management system regularly, the BSC ensures that the Company's H&S standards are aligned with industry best practices. Monthly reports are submitted to the BSC for evaluation and the committee meets quarterly to assess safety practices that may have strategic, business and reputation implications on the Company. The Management Safety Committee supports the BSC in spearheading initiatives and formulating policies and guidelines on workplace safety.

Safety management starts from the earliest concept development stages of a project through design, construction and management. Rigorous assessments are conducted to identify potential hazards and risks involved. Controls and corrective measures are put in place to eliminate and minimise these exposures.

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