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    In Harmony with the Environment
Building Green

As Keppel Land extends its presence across the region, the Company remains focused on its guiding principle of thoughtful consideration for the environment.

Keppel Land believes in building to ensure that economic goals and environmental viability strike a balance. Whether in the city or resorts, the health of the environment and of the life it supports is taken into account.

In building green, Keppel Land crafts each development to ensure minimal encroachment into natural reserves. Concerted efforts have also been made to cater to the needs of tenants without compromising the quality or preservation of natural resources.

Water features like this fountain at Bugis Junction ensures relief within slate and stone.

Green Living in the City

As one of Singapore’s major office landlords in the central business district, Keppel Land takes care in the design and architecture of both the working environment and the vicinity.

Ensuring relief within slate and stone, extensive use of landscaping and water features are key features in each of Keppel Land’s developments in the city.

These include a waterfall wall curtain which graces the award-winning Capital Square office development, providing a soothing visual relief to visitors and tenants alike.

The landscaped park adjacent to Prudential Tower office building also provides a green haven to the bustling Raffles Place business district.

In the same vein, lush landscaping and cascading water lend a refreshing touch to the modern environment at the twin office towers at HarbourFront, a quality development at Singapore’s newest business hub at Keppel Bay.

Bugis Junction also features Singapore’s first interactive fountain, entertaining shoppers with its multi-faceted water sprays.

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