In Harmony with the Environment

Keppel Land remains focused on its guiding principle of building to enhance the environment

Building for the future begins today. Keppel Land remains focused on its guiding principle of building to enhance the environment. This principle drives the design and development of all the Company’s projects, both local and regional.

Whether it is in developing homes, offices or resorts, the Company believes in striking a balance between economic objectives and environmental viability.

Through sustainable development, Keppel Land is able to attain a high level of eco-efficiency as it works towards improving the quality of life while progressively reducing ecological impacts.


As a major landlord in the Central Business District, Keppel Land deploys 'Green Architecture' when developing its buildings and architecture, which facilitates tenants' interaction with the natural environment. Pockets of green space with verdant landscaping and interactive water features are thoughtfully sculpted into the buildings’ architecture, providing relief from stone and slate.

The open-air private roof garden at Bugis Junction’s office towers, for instance, provides an alfresco alternative for tenants to hold recreational activities. Taking pride of place in Bugis Junction mall is Singapore’s first interactive fountain. To minimise wastage, the fountain runs on a built-in filtering system, which purifies and recycles the water continuously.

Lush foilage, rock-scapes and meandering footpaths are some of the distinctive details in Keppel Land's developments

Just adjacent to Prudential Tower office building is another trellis-lined green haven, which provides shade for the working population of Raffles Place.

Keppel Land's newly completed Keppel Bay Tower, one of the twin towers flanking the existing Cable Car Towers, is also surrounded by nature.

Strategically located next to the HarbourFront MRT station, which is just three train stops away from the congested Raffles Place financial district, the views from Keppel Bay Tower are awe-inspiring. Unobstructed views of the sea, the marina, Mount Faber and resort-styled waterfront residences can be enjoyed in all directions from the office tower. By night, the view transforms with bright lights of the vibrant hub and Sentosa reflected on calm bay waters. Surrounded by nature, lush greenery and a golf course, the ambience at Keppel Bay Tower is further accentuated by full-height glass windows. Nestled between the twin towers is a central garden, forming a green oasis complete with water features. The whole landscaping is sculpted to give the development a park-like environment.

Its convenient location coupled with the surrounding lush greenery and exceptional waterfront residential development next door thus makes Keppel Bay Tower the ideal business address.

Every detail at Caribbean at Keppel Bay is designed for maximum interaction with the waters

At the adjacent waterfront condominium, Caribbean at Keppel Bay, every detail is designed for maximum interaction with the waters. Existing historic docks are being converted into private waterways within the development. Paving materials are also selected to echo the character of the docks and provide a subtle link to its heritage.

To maximise the views of the sea and waterways, all 22 apartment blocks are steeped gradually from four to ten storeys. Units are also designed from the inside out to have optimal water views through full-height glass windows, so that residents can look out to the sea and the marina, the private waterways, lagoons, swimming pools and other water features.

At the same time, conversation pavilions are sprinkled around the development and jut out slightly into the waterways to increase the interplay with water. Besides water features, Caribbean at Keppel Bay also boasts of more than 2,200 shrubs and 800 trees in 15 different species within its grounds.

'Green Architecture' is also extended to the Company’s other residential projects. Curtains of falling waters, lush foliage, rock-scapes and meandering footpaths are some of the unique features that adorn residential developments like The Callista.

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