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Unique water features and lush greenery add to the visual and aural experience of Caribbean at Keppel Bay
  Keppel Land is committed to creating a holistic, quality and creatively stimulating living environment in every community where it stamps the Keppel hallmark.

Be they homes or offices, Keppel Land's developments are thoughtfully planned and designed, integrating form and function for an optimal environment.

Quality Work Spaces

Keppel Land's stable of prime office buildings continues to set standards in the Central Business District.

The Group's commercial developments are distinguished by efficient intelligent features geared towards housing the world's leading corporations while incorporating environmentally-friendly initiatives which include the creation of green havens amidst the concrete cityscape.

One Raffles Quay, a 1.3 milllion sf office development, is poised to be the landmark in Singapore's New Downtown. Apart from state-of-the-art elements, it also features generous use of landscaping and lush open surrounds. In the heart of the development, a landscaped pedestrian plaza will serve as a sheltered public space.

Energy efficiency features at One Raffles Quay include double-glazed glass that helps reduce sunlight from entering the building, energy-saving light bulbs and an intelligent passenger lift system that pools passengers by similar floor destinations to reduce waiting and travelling time.

Comprehensive water and energy conservation programmes have also been introduced at Keppel Land’s buildings. Recent participation by Ocean Building and Ocean Towers in the national water conservation programme resulted in an estimated 5% reduction in monthly water consumption. This was achieved through the reduced flow rate and flushing volume from the inclusion of thimbles from the Public Utilities Board.

Prudential Tower’s landscape park provides a refreshing green haven that can be enjoyed amidst quaint shelters in bustling Central Business District. It combines hard landscaping featuring polished granite planter boxes and flamed finished granite for all the walkways, and soft landscaping of wide canopy trees and palm trees. Prudential Tower won the prestigious FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, the real estate Oscars under the office/industrial category.

Keppel Bay Tower, an office development located in Singapore's harbourfront precinct, is flanked on all sides by water, almost literally. Apart from the sea frontage, its surrounds are dotted with water features such as reflection pools and spouting fountains which add to aesthetics and provide welcomed relief.

In Keppel Land's own offices, recycling, reusing and reducing wastage have become second nature to staff. Efforts to cut down unnecessary waste include the disposal of scrap paper, old newspapers and magazines at designated recycling bins.

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